Help! Suck on copy data from form


Michael Horne

New Access 2003 user here.

Copying data from parent form to subform is what I am trying to do, but I
need a little help in getting it implemented correctly.

I have a Query that pulls selected data and displays on the form
(frm_QA_Review_FY09) based upon Contract Number entered by user. The
Contractor Name is displayed in Text94 (textbox).

User then select dropdown values in the subform (frm_QA_Review_FY09_subform)
.. All data from the subform is saved into a new table (tbl_QA_Review_FY09).

I must have the ability to save the selected data (Contractor Name) from the
form into the new table, because I have to email the new table to user in a
different section without security access to run some basic reports.

What I have tried below has failed to populate:

Text Box: Text398 Control Source: =me!parent!text94
Text Box: Text400 Control Source: =me!parent![tbl_contracts.nm_contractor]
Text Box: Text401 Control Source:
Text Box: Text402 Control Source: =me!frm_qa_review_fy09!text94
Text Box: Text405 Control Source:
Text Box: Text406 Control Source: =me!frm_qa_review_fy09!text94
Text Box: Text407 Control Source: =Text407!frm_qa_review_fa09!text94
Text Box: Text408 Control Source:
Text Box: Text409 Control Source:

Text Box: Text403 Control Source: Nm_Contractor Before Update:
Text Box: Text404 Control Source: Nm_Contractor Before Update:

What am I doing wrong?

Chegu Tom

Which form has the focus (and the code) The main form or the subform
What event causes the code to be run

if the subform

if on the parent form
me.subformname!text398 = me.text94

There should be a table or query underlying the subform. you can also use
SQL to write values to the table

Tip: Rename your text boxes to names that have meaning for you like
textContractorName or textAddress etc it will make things easier to follow

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