HELP!!! STOP Error 0x0000 0077



HELP !!!

During operation and shutdown a pc has occasionally BSOD's:
STOP Error 0x00000077 ( 0xC00000A3, 0xC00000A3, 0x00000000, 0x00C79000 )

MS KB: 0x00000077 and 0xC00000A3 point to "Drive not ready".
According to, DC-133 ATA RAID-controller
(w/ Silicon Image SIL-0680) controller might have compatibility issues
with Nvidia nForce3-250 chipset on Gigabyte m/b GA K8NS.
Checked and OK: RAM, Windows file system, HD's SMART-status.

Updated RAID bios to 1017 including latest drivers. BSOD's still occure.

Any suggestions?


PC specs:
All brand new parts, m/b GA K8NS bios F16, Sempron3000,
good brand 512MB ram, DVD-writer Aopen DUW1616,
Dawicontrol DC-133 RAID-controller with 2 Western Digital
WD400JB 40GB configured as RAID1 (Mirror),
Windows 2k + SP4 + all updates, Office XP + all SP's & updates.



Gary Chanson

Make sure that the drivers for the motherboard chipset have been installed
an check for newer versions.

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