Help Old addresses keep coming up



When I go to send an email to some people their old email addresses keep
popping up together with their current ones. I do not have them listed in
contacts or in an address book. It is a minor annoyance. I am using Outlook
2003. It is a minor annoyance. How do I delete these old addresses? Where
they show up is where I am entering the e-mail address on the item being




Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You did not specify how you were entering the addresses. Presumably you are
using autocompletion and they are stored in your autocompletion cache.
Remove individual addresses from the autocompletion cache by highlighting
the entry when presented in the suggested names list (use your arrow key to
migrate to the entry) and then hitting your Delete key before you tab out of
the field. If your autocomplete list contains only a single entry, use the
directions here:;en-us;289975

To clear the entire cache, follow the instructions here:;EN-US;Q287623

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