Help needed with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse



I am running WinXP Pro and recently purchased a Microsoft Wireless
Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A complete with an Optical Mouse 2.0A.
I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Microsoft website
but both the keyboard and mouse will only function within a range of approx
12 inches from the receiver.
The driver software indicates that the signal strength is 100% as is the
battery power level

I have switched frequencies many time but cannot make any improvements to
the operating range.

Likewise connecting the receiver using the PS2 ports or USB port makes no
discernable difference

I have swapped each piece of the equipment in turn (and the three components
as a set) to another computer with a trebling of the useful operating range.

Any ideas what is wrong with my setup

Regards & TIA

Yves Leclerc

How fresh are the batteries in the keyboard / mouse? Sometimes the
batteries were "sitting" in the box and they are weak.

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