HELP need time sheet/card calculate hours worked



Can someone show me how to set up a simple time sheet/time card access
database layout where an employee basically uses Access to clock in and out
for a given day and also in/out for lunch?

I need it to calculate the hours worked as well; that is where I'm stumbling.

Also, I do not want the employee to be able to manipulate the time in or
out; in otherwords, can you create a date/time stamp within one record where
an employee can enter into that same record more than once for a given day
and it stamp the time and they not physically enter their time as we want a
system time for 'honesty' purposes.

Would a system date time stamp be the way to go or is there another option?

Thank you for your help!!!


Biz Enhancer

Try adding a button for the employee to push with code underneath similar to:

INSERT INTO timetable (timefld1) SELECT Now();

You can then replace that button (ie hide) with another that has update info
such as :

UPDATE timetable SET timetable.timefld2 = Now() WHERE timetable.empid =
employeeloginid AND timetable.logindate = Date();

Then calculation can be a simple time difference between login and logout


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