Help migrating outlook 07 to outlook 2010 on new laptop



I'm trying to help a friend go from a win7 laptop with Outlook 2007 to a new win7 laptop with Outlook 2010.
They use gmail and pop3 which seems to be the only way to get the option touse the existing .pst file which I exported/imported from one PC to the next. All the folders show up but no new email comes in. The Test Account option in the config runs and both test work fine. I send an email and it comes to one laptop but not the other. They have the exact same settings. What am I doing wrong?



tarun pant


I believe that you can try in some third party tools which can move the data present in the Outlook 2007 in .PST format, to the Outlook 2010 in .PST format.
If you want then I can suggest you some of the third party tool which can do such operations quickly.


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