HELP: Issue With Software Deployment Via GPO



I have issue with GPO Software Deployment .Whenever i create a new Group
Policy (assiging software to computers)for deployment and add a package e.g
office 2003 standard edition.(MSI).When I apply Gropy policy to computer ,
the client doesn't start/try installing during start-up, and there aren't
any errors or indications of the machine even trying to install .I got
following error in the event viewer on the domain controller .
At the client I did a gpresult -z to confirm the client is under influence
of the GPO
As far as I can tell, it has received the appropriate GPO, but has chosen to
ignore the Software settings/installation of Office.

Source: Software Installation
Event ID: 119
"Software Installation encountered an unexpected error reading from the
MSI file \\servername\path\somesoftware.msi. The error was not
serious enough to justify halting the operation. The following error
was encountered: The operation completed successfully."

Now, when this happens it appears that the package was added to the GPO
successfully, however when i apply this new policy, nothing happens.
The policy fails with the error "The system cannot find the specified
file" in the group policy results.

Any clues?



permissions on the loggin in user and the msi? It is an administrative
install, created with msiexec /A original.msi, right?

Can you manually install it via the command prompt with an appropriate
transform file? You ahve a transform you made with the resource kit right?

Try testing with a command like this:
TRANSFORMS="\\\dfsroot\gpo_deploy\microsoft_office_2003_standard_sp2\yourmst.MST" /qb-

Are you installing the office web components first, if required?

Have you tried any other msis? try something simple like the wxp support

Have you followed the instructions on step by step?


2 things you can try, make sure that both the Application Management and
Windows Installer service(s) are running, from one of these affected
computers run gpupdate /force (WinXP) and secedit /refreshpolicy
machine_policy (W2K) - restart and see if that helps.

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