Riccardo Romano

The faxing program of Windows xp does not find a
modem it looks for, in the COM ports may be, where
there is no modem since I am connected through the
port net with an ADSL modem. Can anyone be of

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Sending a fax when you have DSL requires one of two methods:

1. You obtain a DSL line filter suitable for connecting a standard voice
telephone to the DSL line, then connect an analog fax modem to the line
through the line filter; you cannot use your DSL "modem" because it isn't a
modem, its a Network Interface Device. Your DSL provider has these filters,
as does your local Radio Shack store: filter(keyword)

2. You hire an Internet E-faxing service:
Personal Fax Services - Internet Fax
FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?

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Duke Williams

If you have already equipped the FAX modem with your PC, there maybe
two reasons for your symptom;

1 Windows XP has not the appropriate driver in OS.
If this is the case, go to control panel-system- hardware tab -
device manager , then click "modem" finding ! mark on the device.

You must get the driver from the manufacturer working in Windows XP.

2 FAX modem is broken.

You have to repair and equip it with your PC again.


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