Help..Drive won't show on RAID controller



I cannot get my second Seagate 120GB hard drive to show the proper size when
on the second RAID controller. The motherboard is a Abit AT7-Max2 with dual
on board HighPoint-HPT374 Raid controllers.

The first drive on the first raid controller shows a full 120GB and I
installed XP on it. The second drive will only show 33.8 GB on the second
raid controller. I moved the drive to IDE 1and used Seagate software to
partition & format NTFS. It then showed a full 120GB, NTFS. I moved it to
the second Raid controller and it is seen as 33.8GB. I updated drivers &
BIOS, uninstalled and reinstalled devices. Both drives show full 120 GB
when they are on IDE 1 & 2, but not on the RAID controllers.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

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