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I am trying to create a form to be used as a help desk ticketing system. I
have created the form both a post and a message, not sure how to really use
either one at this point. I have a public folder called Help Desk,
apparently all public folders default to a Post item not a message item... I
now have it set to use the Help Desk Post form as default, if you open and
create a new post, fill in the fields I created and post the “postâ€... Then I
open it to see what items have been checked used the drop downs I created,
but I see a default post with nothing, meaning not using the custom form I
created. I am saving to the wrong place? Is there a step by step any where?
I have googled outlook forms and not too much comes up…

I want to have users use a custom form, message preferred, I want he form to
be a default on a public folder, the user then fills in a few drop downs and
check boxes describing the issue, have it sent to the same or different
public folder and CC’d to me, I can do that via AD. Once that works, if
ever, the try to track or report what trends there are by uses the drop downs
and check boxes…..

Please help….

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

but I see a default post with nothing

When working in form design mode, did you remember to click the Edit Read Page button and create a read layout with the information you want the user to see on a stored item?

To have an item Cc'd to you when the user posts it, you can write code for the Item_Write event handler to forward the item, preferably as an attachment. You and any other recipient will need the form published to the Organizational Forms library or your Personal Forms library.

The page at has links to resources you might find useful.

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