Creating a form....going from one exchange server to another...




I am looking into creating a custom form for users to fill out and submit.
My questions are:

1) Can I be on one exchange server, create this form, and send it to people
on another exchange server for them to fill out? And then they would send it
BACK to the person on the original exchange server and it would put it in a
public folder on that server?

2) I tried creating a folder and put into the public folders, and it won't
allow me to, saying "Unable to create the folder. Items cannot be created in
the root of Public Folders." However, the only folder in "Public Folders" is
the "Favorites" and it won't let me post there either.

Please let me know if I am not being clear!

Thanks in advance!

Sue Mosher [MVP]

1) Maybe. The form would have to be published to the Organizational Forms
library on both servers with the same message class. And both servers would
have to be configured to allow TNEF content to pass through, rather than
converting it to HTML.

2) Maybe you don't have permission to access the Public Folders\All Public
Folders hierarchy. Check with your administrator. In any case, that's
irrelevant to #1.

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