Help: corrupted file



I have created a password protected database in Microsoft Access 2000
on a standalone computer. The computer crashed while I was working on
the database and I am now unable to reopen it.

After entering the password, the following error message appears:
"The database [filename] needs to be reparied or isn't a database
file. You or another user may have unexpectedly quite Microsoft
Access while a Microsoft Access database was open. Do you want
Microsoft Access to attempt to repair the database?"

On clicking 'Yes', another message immediately appears saying "Not a
valid password". If I then click 'OK' I get a third message
"[filename] can't be reparied or isn't a Microsoft Access database

Any ideas about how I might be able to recover my data? I am a
completely self-taught amateur, so tips in plain English please!


Jari Tuomoja


Because you have protected your database with password,
you can't recover your data from database and db file
cannot be fixed anymore.


Hi Friend,

you can recover your ms access database data which is corrupted due to accidental deletion of data, Virus attack, invalid database file header, insufficient available space, corruption of media, driver and partition inaccessibility are some reasons which may damage or corrupt even the efficiently working SQL database. A solution to this problem is use of third party software that recovers the entire data from the damaged SQL of them software is kernel for access database repair you can download and try it from here

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