HELP!! Computer get onto "locked workstation "mode.



DELL new system , windows 2000 professional SP4, for some reason the computer
after a few hours not exacly how long , goes to " this computer is in use and
has been locked" only administrator can unlock the computer , now i have gone
and disable all setting on windows .
*power management 'NONE"
*Screen saver "NONE"
i had to go to registry and disable the screen saver setting and still comes
and locked the computer , the problems is we connect sometimes usiong
GOTOMYPC , and if the computer is locked then we can not used it .

help please i do not know what else to tried on this computer, by the way
this is computer on a domain windows 2000 server , i chech and there is not
setting that will couse this , plus this is the only computer is acting this

thanks for any help.l

Steven L Umbach

Most likely a domain Group Policy setting is enforcing that the computer
locks after a certain idle period. Check with the administrator for the
domain. He can run gpresult on the computer to see what Group Policies are
being applied to the domain user. --- Steve

"server 2000 Group policy for windows xp"

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