the computer is in use and has been locked how to diable



i have ONE 2000 server and 10 workstation , i have the manager new DELL with
windows 2000 all service pack , the system goes on locked mode after a few
not sure if it happen over night , but once he goes back to the system if
find this
"the computer is in use and has been locked " only the domain admin or User
can unlocked , now we can put the password but the mouse goes under the
locked windows ,in other words the mouse can not press the OK botton now
event the tab or keybord work to press ok.
if i can diable this feature on this computer will FIX the whole problems ,
if you know how to do it or give some tips i will apreciated

note"this is the only computer that on the network that does this , the
others are ok.
thanks a millon ,,,,i do not know what else to tried.


Roger Abell [MVP]

See if, in the control panel Display settings the box is checked
to the screen saver require login.
The best solution is to not leave the machine logged into but
unattended and unused (never a good idea, especially for server).

"server 2000 Group policy for windows xp"

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