Help! Canon S800 Print output suddenly has WAY TOO MUCH cyan, advice please


Flippy Smith

Hello, I've had a Canon S800 for several years now and after spending a fortune
on genuine Canon ink I finally broke down about a year ago and started buying
ink from My print output has always seemed to be virtually as good
as the Canon inks. About 3-4 months ago when I'd print something I noticed
there wasn't enough black and I'd have to clean the printhead before printing,
then I noticed the black ink cart wasn't seated all the way because the tab was
a little bent. I fixed that and everything seemed to be back to normal until

I tried printing a photo on Photo Paper Pro and it came out almost totally cyan,
with the other colors really faint under the cyan. I cleaned the printhead
twice, and did a couple deep cleanings, none of which changed the output. If I
print with "Plain Paper" setting, and "Standard" quality, the output looks great
as far as colors. If I bump it up to "High" with "Plain Paper" all of a sudden
the entire image has a cyan hue, and if I use "Photo Paper Pro" or "High Gloss
Photo Film" settings, everything also has a cyan hue.

Does the fact that plain paper on standard quality looks fine, but plain paper
on high comes out cyan indicate where the problem lies?

I just changed the photo cyan cart, which was my last genuine Canon ink cart,
and replaced it with a new photo cyan from Ink4art, and it's doing the same
thing. Up to this point I've been using Ink4art carts in every slot except the
photo cyan slot, which seems to be where the problem is it's
dumping too much ink.

Any help would be appreciated!

Flippy Smith

Well, I contacted Canon and they said to remove the ink carts and the printhead
and check for built up ink, then reseat everything. I didn't see any built up
ink, reseated everything, and the output looks the same. Now I'm wondering if
the output has too much cyan or not enough of another color, it's hard to tell.
Also when I do the nozzle check and printhead alignment it looks like all the
colors are there, so I'm confused.

When I print in standard quality mode with the plain paper setting, the colors
are accurate and the things are more detailed.

I don't know where to go from here and aside from Canon's generic responses, I
can't find any other suggestions.

If anyone has any suggestions, please reply!

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