hello everyone

Dec 27, 2007
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hello everyone i am the simpsons i have only just saw this site and looked at this site and i thought Wow what a great site this looks like.
My main interests are that i am very interested in Computers and PC stuff and when i looked at this site i thought this is the typ of site that will learn lots of stuff from since its a pc forum and thats why i joined up.
anyways very kind and nice to talk to im also here to help any members with their problems so Happy to help.
anyways Nice to meet you all and keep up the good work on this great site. i would say this site has everything i would need to learn from so thanks for making this site :wave: :)
Jan 14, 2006
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Hmmmmm another one of my fans & another impersonator.

Oh and wellcome to Springfield...............er i mean the Forum.

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