hearts, freecell, etc. are too easy, is this negotiable?



perhaps this is a bit self-incriminating, but one of my morning and nightime
rituals is to play a few games of hearts, freecell, or solitaire to chill
out. i have an old computer with xp and this new one with vista.

the problem is, they're all so easy. i played about equally on both
computers, but it has become jarring to play the vista version of these games
because things just don't seem randomized the way they were in xp. is there a
way to fiddle with the settings and actually randomize cards dealt and the
order in which they are done so?

in hearts, for example, when a hand is dealt, on xp, you would get good
hands, and you would get bad hands. you never knew and so winning the game
was generally quite difficult. thus, winning is quite fun and satisfying.
(this is all sick, i know, but i know there are others out there that enjoy
the basics.)

in vista, its as if they want to hand me a hand of any card 10 and lower and
one or two token face cards. and this is every hand. as such, winning is
actually quite easy.

further frustrating things, there's always the player who gets about four
points the entire game. say i get the queen of hearts once by fluke.
whatever. thirteen points. but north still has zero points. and then every
damned turn, i'll take two or three, north takes one or two, and east and
west take all the rest. five or six hands later, the game is over. and this
happens in every game! why? something clearly isn't randomized.

so, question posed again, can things actually be randomized? they clearly
aren't, they're made so that everyone can win most of the time and that's
pretty lame.

Andy [YaYa]

I was gonna say, how many ways can you randomly deal a deck of 52 playing
cards? I mean random is random. Maybe you can borrow a server farm to
generate "more" random numbers and reorder the cards based on those results,
but really I mean you can only get just so good at games like Hearts, etc.

Pick up a deck of cards and play on a coffee table, they cost like what... a

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