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Jessica .M


I would like to change my header and footer document. I
would like for my Cover page not start with the number 1
but my page 2 to start with number one etc. Is that
possible to format.

Please advise,

Jessica .M



Ralph John

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I would like to change my header and footer document. I
would like for my Cover page not start with the number 1
but my page 2 to start with number one etc. Is that
possible to format.

Please advise,

Jessica .M
Hi Jessica
Here is a lesson I use to teach students to do what you
want to do. I hope this isn't too long for the newsgroup.


Headers and footers are designed to put something on each
page of a multi-page document such as the page number or
the date of preparation such as you see at the top of your
lesson plan.

1. You should still have a blank word processing window.
Get the View menu and click on Headers & Footers.

2. You now see the Header space and the Header & Footer
dialogue box. The cursor is blinking in the header
space. Type the word Prepared add one space with the
space bar and then click on the date insert item in the
dialogue box. The date is inserted in the header. If you
wanted a different date format than the automatic one you
could go to the Insert menu and insert a different date

3. Click on Print Preview and you will see the header
with the current date in it. Whenever you print that
document the current date will be printed in the header
that will appear on every page of the document. If you
had typed the word prepared on the first line of the
document and not in the header space and inserted the date
the computer would print prepared and the current date but
only on the page you typed it. Using the header approach
the computer automatically puts the header at the top of
each page.

Note that the date appearing in the header on each page
will be the date the document is printed not necessarily
the date the document was prepared or revised unless the
document was printed on the same day it was prepared or
revised. If you do not want the computer to put the
current date on your document do not use the date insert.


Press Enter until you have more than one page and return
to the first page using Control Home. Get Headers and
Footers with the View menu. If you do not want a header to
appear on the first page of a document you need to format
the pages using the Page Setup box in the Header and
Footer dialogue box, i.e. the one that looks like an open
book. In the Page Setup dialogue box click on Different
First page and then on OK. Now you see the header space
is labeled First Page Header. Do not put a header there
and there will be none when the document is printed.
Click on the box to switch to footer and you will see it
is labeled First Page Footer. Now click on the Next and
you see the footer space is labeled only Footer. Switch
to the Header and you see it is labeled only header.

Now you enter the text and date you want in the Header,
other than on the first page. The computer will
automatically number the pages with the first page i.e.
the title page as number 1 unless you tell it to do
otherwise. To do this, go to the Footer. With the cursor
in the Footer box (not the First Page Footer box) click on
the Format Page Number box. Click on the "Start at"
button and in the number space move the number to 0 and
click on OK. Click on next to get the Footer box, not the
First Page footer box. Click on the Insert Number box and
you will see the number 1 appear in the footer space.
Scroll down through the pages you made and you will see
that the computer has continued to number the pages with
the first page after the title page being 1.

Why would you not want a header on the first page? That
might be the title page of a document and it would not
look right to have a header on it. You also may not want
a footer on the title page.

Another option would be to have the title of the document
as a header on each page. If you are putting the prepared
date in the header along with the document name you will
have to use the tab key, the space bar or dash to locate
the two items in the header.

1. Move the cursor to the same line as the prepared date
in the header space and put a space after it. Do not use
the First Page Header space unless you want the name of
the document to appear on the first page.

2. Get the Insert menu and click on Auto Text and then on
Filename. The title of the document appears in the header

Ralph John



Charles Kenyon

See <URL: http://word.mvps.org/FAQs/Formatting/NumberingFrontMatter.htm>.


Charles Kenyon

Word New User FAQ & Web Directory:
<URL: http://addbalance.com/word/index.htm>

Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word (supplemented version of
Microsoft's Legal Users' Guide)
<URL: http://addbalance.com/usersguide/index.htm>

See also the MVP FAQ: <URL: http://www.mvps.org/word/> which is awesome!
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from my ignorance and your wisdom.

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