Footer - problem



Hi all,

I have to submit an essay asap, already late because I cannot get th
Footer to work properly & no-one around me can help.

My document has 16 pages, and the first two are a cover & table o
contents, so the third page is Page 1, fourth Page 2 etc.

The first three pages work fine, each Footer is unique & does no

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Page 1

But from then on, when numbering Page 2 - all the following page
rename themselves to Page 2. I then name Page 3 - Page 3, but then Pag
2 changes to being labelled Page 3. Basically anything I write in th
Footers after the first three pages, are all the same. I cannot sto

I am making sure that the repeat feature is off.

What can I do?!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm using both Word 2007 and Word 2000, hoping that one would be easie
but no change



Stefan Blom

I'm guessing you have a section break at the end of your physical third page and
that "Different first page" as well as "Different odd and even" are selected in
the Page Setup dialog box. (Or you could have two section breaks and an unlinked
footer. Read more about this in the article at The point is
that you have separate footers (and headers) for the first few pages.

For the rest of your document, if the page number is the only thing that could
change, you don't need to change the sections and/or footers. What you should do
is add the page number as a PAGE field. First place the insertion point in your
footer. In Word 2007, on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, click Page Number
| Current Position and then choose the format that you want. Alternatively, you
can quickly insert a page number via the Alt+Shift+P shortcut.

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