HD problem: SATA (master), IDE (slave)



I have to get some files off of an old Maxtor IDE hard drive. I have
my primary hard drive (SATA) as the primary boot source, with the old
hard drive (IDE) as slave to my CD burner. My Windows XP Media Center
Edition is installed on the SATA drive, with the needed files on the
IDE drive.

I have the jumpers correct, as well as all of the cables. Here is my

Earlier I was able to get the computer to recognize the IDE hard
drive. When I turned on Windows, it would detect the new hardware and
tell me that it is now ready to be used. I double checked and it was
in fact in the Device Manager. However, it was not in My Computer, and
I could not access it. It was also not listed in Computer Management.

When I would try to restart and go into my BIOS settings, after the HP
splash screen, I would simply get a blank black screen, with a white
cursor blinking in the top left. So, I don't even know if the BIOS is
recognizing the IDE hard drive.

Now, I cannot even get the IDE hard drive to show up in the Device
Manager. I don't know what I changed, but I think it might just be a
jumper problem or something of the sort.

I am rather new to all this, so go easy on me. Any help would be
appreciated quite a bit, as these files are required for my job and I
have a limited time to retrieve them.

Thanks in advance.




I would change the IDE HDD to master and the CD ROM drive to slave - the
SATA drive will still boot. Then see if that solves the problem. If not try
holding down the F8 key at start and see if you get the dual boot choice.

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