Hard hyphen in middle of an autocorrect word



I need to put a nonbreaking hyphen in the middle of an autocorrect
replacement word. For example, when I type hspd, I want it to automatically
insert HSPD-12, with a nonbreaking hyphen.

Microsoft help, local and Web, explains how to replace typed text with such
a special character, but that's all you can do: replace text with a
character. You can't type in anything before or after the special character,
so I can't include the HSPD or the 12.

Someone please tell me how to do this -- or if it can't be done at all.

Jay Freedman

Hi Lee,

Don't try to create the entry within the AutoCorrect dialog.

Type HSPD-12 with the nonbreaking hyphen in the body of a document. Select
it, but don't include any paragraph mark that may follow it. Click Tools >
AutoCorrect, and the dialog will open with the HSPD*12 in the "With" box
(the asterisk represents the special character). Click the "Formatted text"
option button just above that, and the entry will appear correctly. Type
hspd in the "Replace" box and click the Add button, then the OK button.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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