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Using PowerPoint 2002 - We have an attorney who wants to print handouts 4 to
a page, however, he doesn't want any white borders on the handout
surrounding the slide images. I tried changing the handout master, but it
doesn't remove the white space on the actual handout. Can this be done?

Thank you



Anne Troy

What white space, Ardell? There's usually a black line border around the
slides on handlouts, not "white space". Sorry...I don't understand. Can you
describe better?


We actually want to "enlarge" each individual slide on the handout so it
fits to the edge of the paper (without any white space around it). If we
could enlarge the handout space in the master view it would be great, but it
seems we cannot do that. This person is VERY fussy. Thanks.


Bill Foley

Printers are limited to how close they can get to the margins (usually about
1/2 inch or so). Unless you send it to an expensive printing company that
can accomplish it, you are out of luck. You could always cut off the white


You can use File > Send To > Microsoft Word and adjust the formatting and
layout there. However, you would have to have a printer capable of printing
to the edge of the paper. You might want to also look at Shyam's Handout
Wizard at http://www.mvps.org/skp/how/



Bill Foley

Yeah, I'm in the process of switching over to a new server so my site is
down. THANKS! Hope to have it back up and running today or tomorrow.



John Langhans [MSFT]

[CRITICAL UPDATE - Anyone using Office 2003 should install the critical
update as soon as possible. From PowerPoint, choose "Help -> Check for


PowerPoint does not have the specific capability that you are looking for.
The layout and margins of handout pages are not customizable in PowerPoint.
As a workaround, you can export your slides to Word (using File -> Send to
-> Microsoft Word) and adjust them there..

If you (or anyone else reading this message) think that PowerPoint should
provide some kind of customizable margin and/or layout options for printing
handouts from PowerPoint (without having to rely on Word, VBA or add-ins),
don't forget to send your feedback (in YOUR OWN WORDS, please) to Microsoft


It's VERY important that, for EACH wish, you describe in detail, WHY it is
important TO YOU that your product suggestion be implemented. A good wish
submssion includes WHAT scenario, work-flow, or end-result is blocked by
not having a specific feature, HOW MUCH time and effort ($$$) is spent
working around a specific limitation of the current product, etc. Remember
that Microsoft receives THOUSANDS of product suggestions every day and we
read each one but, in any given product development cycle, there are ONLY
sufficient resources to address the ones that are MOST IMPORTANT to our
customers so take the extra time to state your case as CLEARLY and
COMPLETELY as possible so that we can FEEL YOUR PAIN.

IMPORTANT: Each submission should be a single suggestion (not a list of

John Langhans
Microsoft Corporation
Supportability Program Manager
Microsoft Office PowerPoint for Windows
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