Guest Account in Vista wont load - Blue Screen



My Guest Account won't load.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium. I have two user accounts set up, my
Administrator account and a Guest account. The Administrator account works
just fine, but every time I try to load the Guest account, it takes me to a
blank, blue screen. I tried waiting for two whole hours, and when I came back
it was still blank. I can open the Task Manager on this blank screen using
CTRL+ALT+DEL, and it shows there are only four processes running:


I have tried running explorer.exe from the task manager, but to no effect:
the screen remained blank and explorer.exe never showed up on the Processes
list. Also, when I try to run a process from the Task Manager, the "Browse"
button doesn't work (I can press it but it doesn't do anything).

Does anyone know what's going on?


bump... I'm having the exact same problem.

Rather than lazily "bump" an old thread from eight months ago (which
only works on the pitiful bulletin board you are accessing), step up
and start your own.

OH... and put more information into your post or your question will
sit there for longer than the last guy's did.

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