Okay, I'm not new to excel, but I'm having a really tough time with this
spreadsheet I've created. I've gone to print preview to make sure the
gridlines will print....they don't show. I've made sure there is no fill,
that the "gridlines" box is checked in sheet setup, I've even tried making
borders, but nothing is working. Anyone got any ideas? It's not an
elaborate spreadsheet, but I don't want to re-create it if I don't have to.
Oh yeah, might I add, they were there until I BARELY expanded the width of a
column. - Thanks.



Debra Dalgleish

In File>Page Setup, on the Sheet tab, make sure that Draft quality isn't



Earl Kiosterud


You say the gridlines don't show. Are you actually printing, or looking at
Print Preview? In print preview, often some lines don't show, though you'd
expect at least some of them to show. They should all print in any event.
In Print Preview, click anywhere inside the page to zoom it in -- see if the
lines show now. Do a for-real print -- this may be that deal where some
lines just don't show.

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