Grow and turn - direction


Chris Watts


Custom Animation has a nice Grow and Turn effect. This, by default, turns
anticlockwise by 90 degrees. Is there any way that this can be changed to
rotate clockwise?

I have an image with writing in the left hand margin that runs from bottom
to top. I wish to overlay the full image with a copy of this writing so
that, on a click, I can get it to grow and turn clockwise to be readable.
Grow and turn would be just fine - if it could be made to rotate clockwise!

Suggestions appreciated.


John Wilson

Not easy Chris but it can be done two ways (at least)

Obvious way forget Grow and Turn and combine Appear then Spin and Grow

Less obvious and not so simple but a lot more elegant (I seem to remeber you
code so ...)

Crack open the xml for the relevant slide and look for this line


A few lines below you will see the filter value set to 90 change it to -90

Definitely use a copy!!!!

Chris Watts

Thanks John,
The simple one looks attractive as I could also easily add a motion path to
it as well.

The xml one looks like a challange that I will have to try out too!! Daft
question - how do I get access to the XML code?

Many thanks.

John Wilson

This is just the bare bones so be sure to play using a copy.

Save as .pptx
Change the extension to .zip and unzip
Find the ppt folder > slides folder >to the relevant xml file

open in something like word pad to ammend it

Rezip and change the extension back to .pptx
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Jun 8, 2017
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Great tutorial. It's amazing to me that we have to go through such lengths just to change the rotation direction, but editing the XML file worked out perfectly for me. Thanks!

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