Group Policy for Logon Hours/Forced Loggoff


Morley Lee

I configured the default domain policy to enforce the logon hour times and
set the users for the specific logon times. I also enabled the policy to
disconnect clients when logon hours expire and force logoff when logon hours
expire. When I test the policy it works and disconnects my mapped drives.
However, it does not force off the users on the desktop and I can still
send/receive email thorugh exchange. Does anyone know if it's suppose to
log the user off the desktop to a cntl-alt del screen? Or does it just log
off the server in the background and let the user work on the desktop?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,



This feature only affects login events to the DC. If a user is already
logged in, they will not generate another login request until they logoff.
They'll still be able to send email because their credentials are cached.


I was mislead by this one too.
Other than scripting or using SHUTGUI.EXE (win2kResource Kit) in a batch
file, NO, there is'nt a way.
I found a script file that said it would, but haven't tested it yet.
If you want it let me know.

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