Group Policy Application problems




I am a fairly new network admin and i am trying to use Group Policy on our
network for the first time. I have a SUS server set up and now i want to use
a GP to make my clients use it.

The SUS server is set up and working properly. I can use a local group
policy and Windows Update looks to the SUS to update. Also, if i modify the
"Default Domain Policy" which lives under the domain in Active Dir., it will
apply those settings to a computer and Windows Update will work as well.

However, when i create a "test" OU and then put a test computer in a group
within it, a group policy attached to that OU is not applied to the test

Am i missing something fundamental in the GPO setup? I really want to begin
to use GPs in our network but dont want have to apply policies to the whole

Thanks for any help,


Hello Brian,

Thanks for the posting. Has "Enforce" been enabled in Default Domain GP(If
it is windows server 2003) "No over ride" (Windows 2000). If this feature
has been enabled then it wont allow you to apply none of the Group policies
under the Domain, though you enable the "block policy inheritance" in test

Actually the "block policy inheritance" feature will overwritten by "No
override" feature in Default domain GP.

Please let me know if you have further questions on this.


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thanks for the reply S.J., it was helpful to me but a bit confusing. First I
tried to push the updates to the clients using group policy in active
directory, this was not working so I tried using the local group policy on
the clients, which worked great.
Any idea what a may be missing on the Active Directory Group Policy? I have
"block policy inheritance" check box selected in the AD GPO. Thank for your

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