Grayed out FP EDIT Button




After installing FP2002 on my machine a button / icon (titled EDIT) appeared
on the toolbar of my IE6 Browser. So while browsing
any webpage, I could click on this EDIT icon and that web page became
available for editing within FP.

* How (or why) is this FP EDIT button grayed out when I visit certain web
pages ?
* Can I configure my browser so that the EDIT button works on ALL web
* How can I use the URL of a web page to be able to open that web page
from within FP ?
* In the early days of web pages, from within my IE browser, I could
click on VIEW >> SOURCE to get access to the source code of a page.
For some web pages, this information is no longer available. What
can I do to get access to the HTML source code of a web page ? Again., can
I configure my browser ?



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