FP Acting Quirky with an External CSS Stylesheet



I have a FP2000 website that uses an external CSS stylesheet. Link
properties are defined within the stylesheet by means of A:link elements.
There's also additional sets of link properties defined within the
stylesheet for a couple specific ID tags - #navbar and #footbar.

Everything works fine when the website is viewed in a browser or in FP's
Preview tab. My problem comes about when I open one of the web pages in FP's
Normal tab. For some reason, FP displays all of the <a> links throughout the
website, using the link properties as defined in one of the ID tags.
Normally, this wouldn't be a big problem, except the font color is displayed
as white over a white background.

I've tried changing the ID tags to classes, testing both <div> and <span>
tags, in an effort to convince FP to pick up the proper link properties, to
no avail. In every case, the page displays fine in the browser and in FP's
Preview tab, but not in FP's Normal tab. Troubleshooting the CSS code has
led nowhere. Is this a known quirk in FP, or have I got coding issues I
haven't found?

At this point, it's driving me crazy, trying to add links that become
essentially invisible. If anybody has any suggestions, I could sure use some
help. Thanks!
URL is http://www.wrcog.org/
CSS is http://www.wrcog.org/wrcogstyle.css




If it's any help, FrontPage 2003 displays your home page in Design (Normal)
view the same way as IE8 displays it -I see no problems.
FP2000 always has been quirky when using CSS. The only solution is to
upgrade to a later version (if you can find one) or move on the Expression
Web. There is nothing in your home page that is not supported by EW, though
<script language="javascript"> should be changed to <script

A free trial of Expression Web is available from
http://expression.microsoft.com - Note that Expression Web is very different
to FrontPage 2000.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

Reply only to group - emails will be deleted unread.


Ronx - Thanks for the feedback. It's driving me crazy. Right now, I'm forced
to switch the stylesheet link to a dummy css file every time I need to edit
a page. I wish I could find an affordable copy of FP2003. Procrastination is
a bad, bad thing. And thanks for catching the javascript thing.




Go ahead and pop for the EW upgrade, it's only $100. I had the same
problem you are having using FP, kinda hard to design/edit when
everything is on top of everything else...

EW makes it so much easier when using CSS. There is a short learning
curve, if you are fluent in FP you shouldn't have any problem


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