Gradient shading in text boxes?



I'm using PP 2003 Pro, SP1.

As a background to my slideshow, I've selected a picture that contains a few
areas that are lighter than others. This poses a problem for the text that is
in text boxes over the lighter colored parts of the background.

My question is this . . . is there a way to shade the text box? I know there
is a way to "Format Placeholder" and fill the color with a % transparent gray
(gives the entire text box a slightly darker background than the background
of the slide), but this causes a fairly harsh (to me, at least) break in
color between the text box and the background that's obvious at close range.
I'd like to be able to have gradient shading in the text box itself (have the
darkest area of the textbox be the center of the textbox and the outside
edges fade smoothly into the background picture)?

Please let me know as this will open up a myriad of options with various




Austin Myers

Right click your text, select Format Text Box. Click the "Color" dropdown
and select "Fill Effects". Have fun!!!

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

PowerPoint Video and PowerPoint Sound Solutions

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