GPO Software Deployment Package


B. Rupert

Is there a way to change the source path of an existing deployment package?
There are no options to do this within the GPO console, was hoping there is
a utility out there somewhere that could do this. The only way that I can
see to change the source path is to create a new deployment package and
delete the old one. This would cause way to much grief...

We have to move the location of the all the images (.msi installation
packages), this is why all I would like to do is simply change the path.

If any one has tried to do this in the past or has some ideas, I'd be
interested in hearing about it.



Not the way you want, unless you specifically thought of this possiblity
when you created the MSI package.

By default, if the source is not found where originally expected, the
computer will search removable drives (and maybe somewhere else? I forget...
consult the MSI SDK) for the missing .MSI. But unless you compiled the MSI
with an additional source path to the new location of your .MSIs, they will
not be found.

We dealt with this problem by bringing up the new MSI / file server
simultaneously with the old one, then forcibly removing (at next reboot) all
the GPO installation packages pointing to the old server, advertising the
same MSI on the new server as an upgrade. We gave everyone a couple weeks to
get rebooted (uninstall "old" MSI, re-install "new" MSI f rom new location),
then killed the old server. We still had to run around and manually fix a
few boxes that hadn't rebooted, but we got most of them. This time around,
we got smart and put our MSI share on a DFS so we won't ever have to do this

\\ MadDHatteR

B. Rupert

You can't be serious?

Thanks for the info, but not what I was hoping to hear. :-( What should
have be an extremely simple task is now going to be a royal pain in the @rse
as usual.

I did find a way to edit the source path in the GPO but it didn't alter the
install script (the aas files in the sysvol). Anyone know if it's possible
to 'regenerate' this script file (which is created when the package is
setup)? just thought I'd ask...

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