GPO Loopback



We use a GPO with loopback to lock down our kiosk PC's. The kiosks are in a
kiosk OU. The loopback works well to ensure that the kiosks remain locked
down no matter who logs on. The problem is, we have an internal trusted NT
domain(2 way trust). The users from the NT domain probably won't migrate to
our AD domain for another year. Is it possible to have the GPO linked to the
kiosk OU still apply when users log on to the kiosk PC's with their NT
domain account?

Any advice would be appreciated

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


Not sure why it would not. If you are using loopback then the policy
applies no matter who logs on, right. If you are using Replace mode then
the user configuration side is completely ignored. But this is a good



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