GPO in XP & Win2k Pro



Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone of you has experience in this scenario. I would
like to implement screen saver GPO to push down to all XP Pro SP2 & Win2k
pro sp4 clients, when the screen saver is activated and the workstation is
locked by screen saver, my scheduled task such as batch file to transfer
some packet from remote PC to central server( works fine before I deployed
GPO screen saver).

Is there workaround to allowed scheduled task(batch file) to run as per
normal when the GPO screen saver is active and workstation is locked?


My AD is win2k3 std sp2, all clients are Xp pro sp2 & win2kpro sp4.

Thx in adv.

Peter Foldes


You be better off to post this to the since the host
computer is a W2K3


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