Google Earth Errors


D. Kirkpatrick

Windows 2000 on an older Gateway system.

All service packs and updates in place as offered from MS as of April
21, 2008.

Internet Explorer 6

Grisoft free Anti-Virus running.


Attempted to install Google Earth but get errors on attempts to run
the installer. Repeatable.

I get an IsProcessInJob error for Kernel32.dll.

I ran an "sfc /scannow" to repair any possible damage to the DLL cache
just to be sure, then rebooted (warm).

Google Earth says it is compatible with W2K so I'm lost on this one.
The installer is only 856k. I tried both downooading as well as
running it from the Google site and UNCHECKING the newsletter and
Google Tool bar as that is apparently allowed. Don't need those.

Could not get any serious information from Google itself in any of its
help forums or other discussion lists on this topic.

After the kernel32.dll error it says it cannot install something else
bit I suspect that the first error, if repaired, will possibly resolve
the next.


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