Ghost Internal error 18501



I have a 160 GB drive that I am trying to install on my system as the
new boot drive. I am trying to use Ghost 7.5 to clone it. The
existing drive is a 40 GB drive. The computer is a HP Pavilion 7955.
The existing drive has 2 partitions on it. The main boot partition
(NTFS 33 GB) and a diagnostic partition (Fat32 4.4 GB) that HP put on
there for disaster recovery of the O/S. The O/S is Win XP. The
system recognizes the new drive and knows that it is 160 GB. I made
sure that I had the latest BIOS for the mother board as well. When I
try to run Ghost and clone from disk to disk I get an error message
box that says, "Internal error 18501, Target partition is too small to
contain the source partition". I get this no matter how the
destination disk is set up. I have tried it with no partitions, I
have also tried to explicitly create the partitions. I have also
tried to skip the diagnostic partition in the cloning process as well.
I don't really care if it gets copied to the new disk.

I am at a loss, any help or insite would be appreciated.



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