getting drop down arrows to show in a form



I have created a form that uses several drop down fields. When I protect the
document, and run the form, the fields do not show the drop down arrows until
you actually click or tab to that specific field.

Is there any way to create a drop down box that will show the drop down
arrow always (like Microsoft does). I'm trying to make the form a little
more "obvious" for users so that they'll know which fields are drop-down and
which are free-form text.

Thanks for your help.



Jay Freedman

For a dropdown form field in a protected document, there is no such
option. Probably the best you can do with that is to make the first
list item say "Click to select..." or something of that sort.

Instead of a protected form, you could create a userform
( that
gathers the information and inserts it into the document. Dropdowns in
a userform have much more flexible options than form fields, and by
default they show the down arrow at all times (although that's

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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