Get the calendar owner's name when a new appointment is created



We have an outlook addin which has to send information concerning an
appointment into a patient's healthcare record. (VB6, outlook 2003 SP3,
Exchange server 2003)
Among other data, the name of the healthcare professional must be provided.
For this, I try to use the write event of the AppointmentItem object which
fires when a user creates an appointment or changes its properties.
When an appointment is modified the 'organizer' property contains the name
of the calendar owner which is exactly what I nedd. But unfortunately when a
new appointment is created in a calendar the organizer property is always
empty at this time.
Is there another way to get the name of the calendar in which a new
appointment is beeing created?
Any help will be appriciated!

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

The item must be saved for that. Call Save on the item (which will also fire
the Write event).


It works perfectly!
Thanks a lot!
FYI in my context (OL 2K3 SP3) the write event is not fired again when I
call the Save method. I'll test with OL 2K7 to see if it behaves the same.


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