get past crtl-alt-delete login



A friend of mine's husband past away - he had an old cast-off laptop (Dell
Latitude 100L) from a now defunct employer - it had a passworded login
(possibly from previous business IT) after windows loads but before you get
to the desktop

My friend wants to let her son use the laptop for school (he leaves in 5
days) but can't get past this point

the administrator password in CMOS/BIOS isn't the issue.
I've successfully reinstalled the XP Pro operating system but this challenge
login still appears
I can't find in SetUp during Post any references or switches that could apply

Not sure if this is operating system or BIOS.
How do eliminate this brick wall?
Suggestions please?

John John (MVP)

You say that you have reinstalled the operating system, if you are still
being challenged for a password then you only did an in-place upgrade,
or what we commonly call a repair install. Do a clean installation,
format the partition and install Windows XP to a fresh new state.


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