Generating Master sheet from child sheets



I have got 10 sheets which are with some data. These 10 sheets will be
worked upon by multiple users. All these sheets are having the same number of
columns and same column headings. I want to link all the data of these 10
sheets into a single Master sheet. My requirement is that master sheet must
contain the same column heading as the other sheets and all the rest of the
data from the 10 sheets. The 10 sheets can be protected from adding new Rows
or columns of its is needed. Please let me know whether this is possible. IF
yes then please let me know in detail how should I do it?


Thanks a lot for your help.
I saw your example and I feel that my task is almost done.
But there is one minor issue I am facing.
When I copy pasted the code into my VB editor and ran it I got an
compilation error for the LAST ROW and LAST column. Its saying that the
Function not defined. I know there was something mentioned in the example for
these but I couldn't get much info from that. Please help me out here...
Again, Thanks a lot.

Ron de Bruin

Hi Sundar

From the webpage

The macro examples use the LastRow or LastCol function that you can find in the last section of this page.

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