GeForce 6800 Ultra woes


Steve Marshall

My XP Pro SP1 OS has slowed down since I installed a new video card.

Hardware config:

P4 3.06GHz HT cpu on Gigabyte GA-8S648-L MoBo
1 GB Crucial PC3200 SDRAM
Quantum Fireball 60 GB ATA 100 HDD
Seagate Ultra 160 17 GB SCSI HDD
Seagate Ultra 160 9.2 GB SCSI HDD
Creative Audigy 2 ZS Gamer with .441 Drivers
eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra video card with 67.02 drivers
Newly installed prior to install of new card, a Thermaltake PurePower
Butterfly 480 watt PFC Active psu, which worked well the past few days
on my old 5950 Leadtek A380 Ultra card.


My system has slowed down considerably, from boot time to opening
Explorer or Control Panel since the install of the new card which eVGA
says has to have a minimum of a 450 watt psu.


Bob I

Your reference to slowing down is only based on BOOT time? Did you
uninstall the old video card drivers before installing the new video
card? In other words did you follow the instalation instrucions so as
not to have the operating system loading old drivers with the new system.

Steve Marshall

Yes, Bob, I did the uninstall using Driver Cleaner 3 and when I rebooted
it found the new card, I canceled the auto install and I manually
installed the new 67.02 drivers from nVidia FTP site.

No, the slowdown is across the board - from opening windows, a new Word
..doc, everything.

Also, some things are missing like WMI - cannot open Event Viewer to see
what is happening at boot up. I can open Services and everything looks
OK there, but System Information is unavailable.

I am thinking about a Repair Install (not a recovery) to see if there
are some files missing.

Overall the card works great - HL2 is amazing with this card, all
settings maxxed out at 1280x1024.

What do you think I ought to do?



Just installed this video card (GeForce 6600) ..
YES, you need a larger wattage power supply for usage of this card !


Yves Leclerc

If you are still worried about your system speed, you should also check for
"spyware" programs that "invade" oru PCs. These tend to take up processing
power and slow down the system.

Steve Marshall

Larger than 480 Watts? The manual that comes with the Thermaltake
Purepower says it has a maximum capacity of 550 watts.


Bob I

Some people don't read ALL the posting. Perhaps your front side bus
setting got changed in BIOS?

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