Jaz SCSI to USB Cable?


Steve Marshall

Just upgraded to XP Pro and everything works great on my system,
including two SCSI HDD's and all peripherals save a Iomega Jaz 2GB
external which is connected to my computer via a SCSI to USB Cable I
purchased from Iomega and it worked fine under Win98SE.

It is now identified as a problem USB device and I have tried the
traditional fixes suggested on Iomega's web site; reinstalled drivers,
etc. No joy.

Anyone else have any experience with this setup?

My system is as follows:

Intel D850GB MoBo with 1.9 cpu
512 Rambus Ram
Quantum Fireball 60 GB ATA 100 HDD with WinXP Pro SP1 OS (all updates
Two Seagate SCSI Ultra 160 HDD's
GeForce Ti4600 video card with 44.03 drivers
SB Audigy Gamer with latest 2003 driver updates
Kenwood 72X CDROM
Zip 250 External Firewire drive
Jaz 2GB External SCSI I or USB Drive



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