GDI leaks?



Hello all,

I've just found the issue that really scares me. It seems that ListView
doesn't release some GDI objects. Here you are steps to reproduce the

1. Run Task Manager
2. View->Select Columns
3. Check "GDI Objects", press OK
4. Run Visual Studio 2k3
5. Create new Window Forms application
6. Put into the form "ListView" and enter 5 items.
7. Run Application
8. Force application to refresh (e.g. move another window above this

You will see that GDI objects increase really fast. The same situation
with Add/Remove items, GDI objects still increas. I've noticed that I
can increase it number even till 10k and after that application starts
to glitch.

It seems that the problem can be solved after:


But this is *really* bad solution which significant impacts to the
performance of application.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Lloyd Dupont

jusrt did that with VC# Express (.NET.20) and I didn't see any GDI object

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