listview, gdi objects, GC



I have noticed that the listview and GC can get into a state where thousands
of gdi objects get created (from scrolling through the listview items, either
by keyboard or using the scroll bar).

Under XP they eventually get cleaned up.
Under 98 they exhaust the gdi memory pool and display the resources low
warning dialog box. If I keep scrolling eventually the system recovers the
resources, but will then run out again. It was surprising the system didn't
crash (maybe some computers do).

Following this, the GC (on both OS's) starts being more responsive.
However, by changing pages in my application the behavior can start over

Are there any known issues with this?


While .NET is "technically" compatible with Windows 98, I do not consider
Windows 98 a viable OS for .NET. Just my two cents. The architecture for
Windows XP (NT kernel) and 9x is so dramatically different that much of the
Framework that runs on 98 is an afterthought. This does not help someone that
has to run on Windows 98, but I would consider branding the product XP+ only,
if possible.


Gregory A. Beamer

Think Outside the Box!


Not running on win98 is not an option at this time.
Also, XP has the issue, it is just able to hide it.

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