FWT Newsletter - Weekly - December 29, 2003



"FWT Newsletter - Weekly" - December 29, 2003

In this e-mail we provide you with the lastest freeware added to
Freeware World Team - http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/ - in the
last 7 days. Enjoy all of the gratis programs!

* Alex the Allegator

For Speedhack 1999 the genre was pretty free and I decided to write a
platform game. Not so surprisingly, I didn't finish it. But there's a
demo. What is it? It's a sidescrolling-platform-puzzler without the
puzzles. No fancy stuff. Since it's a 2 player game I was going to
implement split screen bu [...]

* Alex The Allegator 2

Alex the Allegator 2 is a puzzle board game for one or two players. Place
your tokens in turn on the board or slide a row or column. All in order to
wipe the board from your own tokens. But beware, once the all the tokens
of any player are gone, you must also have the highest score to beat your
oppo [...]

* Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 is a pure jump'n'run, just like the old classic
platform games. Guide Alex through the jungle in order to save his
girlfriend Lola from evil humans who want to make a bag of her.
The game is not very big, but it holds a few surprises. It runs in a very
low resolution with only [...]

* AuctionSiewe

Collector's rejoice! - announcing the hottest new tool for eBay.
Hi. I'm Neville Ridley-Smith and like many collectors, I used to spend
hours scouring eBay. Hunting for those elusive bargains and keeping a
look-out for rare items was almost an addiction. But it was taking too
much time.
I thought [...]

* AutomaticSearch

AutomaticSearch is a search-themed web browser that automatically finds
related links, subjects, and topics associated to the current website
you're viewing. It features an integrated search engine utilizing the
popular engines (Dmoz, Google, Yahoo, All the Web, MSN, Lycos, Hotbot,
Alta Vista, etc) [...]

* AutoPics

AutoPics is great for presentations, family photo albums, any situation
where you need a quick, free slideshow with little to no setup. At only
32k, its small enough to fit on a floppy, or email to a friend. Try
burning it on a CD with photo's of your family vacation. Then send it to a
family member [...]

* Baby POP3 Server

In the past I have done several projects related to e-mail
(POP3/SMTP/IMAP4). One of the problems (at least in my company) is that
there are never good test servers available. So that's why I decided to
create this simple POP3 server, which doesn't take many resources and
supports most of the standa [...]

* Basketball Browser

Basketball Browser is a basketball themed web browser that delivers easy
access to NBA and NCAA basketball news. Read hoops coverage provided by
ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports
with ease by utilizing tabs and quick links. NBA team websites, NCAA
Division-1A con [...]

* Beer Monitor

The Beer Monitor was written for those times in work when you are really
REALLY bored. It allows you to see how much beer you are earning, see it
as a sort of financial aid. Simply screen print (alt and printscreen) and
send to your other half to justify those beers after work.
Some of its main fea [...]

* BlackOut

BlackOut locks up your computer tight using a password YOU specify. You can
see who and when someone tried to access your computer. If three incorrect
password are entered the System Shuts Down ! (LT)

* Block'Em

Free game from Mustek Inc. (LT)

* Brooklyn

If you find filling out entries in your current address book about as
pleasant as an IRS audit and as limiting as a straight-jacket, this may be
the program for you!

Product Highlights

Free-form style entry of any number of phone numbers, e-mail addresses,
world wide web URLs, etc. for each [...]

* Capture

Capture is the program used to capture the promo pics on this page. Clear
options, easy to use and saves in a variety of formats as well as various
ways to capture. Fullscreen, active window and more. (LT)

* Car and Goats

You have a choice of one of 3 doors. One of the doors has a new car behind
it, the other two have goats as prizes. After you select a door, the host
will open one of the other doors revealing a goat. You then have the
choice of sticking with your original choice or switching doors.

Assuming that [...]

* Chiefs Browser

Chiefs Browser is a Kansas City Chiefs-themed web browser that allows you
to quickly switch among Chiefs news provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS
SportsLine, The Sporting News, CNN/SI, and the Kansas City Star. The
Chiefs Browser automatically finds related Chiefs links, Chiefs fan sites,
subjects, a [...]

* Clip Czar

Why put up with a player or playlister lacking strong media file management
capabilities when you can have Clip Czar for free? As if that weren't
enough, Clip Czar also does double duty as a SlideShow viewer for image
files. Clip Czar is a must-have for all who frequently download music
and/or vide [...]

* Color Picker

Color Picker makes picking the right colors for your needs quick and easy;
be it for your webpages, for your VB programs or just go get that RGB
values. Main features include minimization to system tray when not in use,
popup one handy small color-window for you to choose your color, and
automatic c [...]

* ConvertAll

With ConvertAll, you can combine the units any way you want. If you want to
convert from inches per decade, that's fine. Or from meter-pounds. Or from
cubic nautical miles. The units don't have to make sense to anyone else.
The base units for conversion may be either typed (with auto-completion)
o [...]

* Copy and Fax Utility

Use your scanner as a Photocopying/Faxing workstation. Using any TWAIN
compliant scanner, quickly scan multiple pages for fax or copy (fax
function requires a fax modem). (LT)

* Countdown Plus!

Given a set of 6 randomly select integers and a target value, use
parentheses and the four common arithmetic operators (+, -, x, and ÷) to
build an expression whose value is as close as possible to the target.
If the target can be matched exactly in more than one way, then fewer
values used is [...]

* Cubert Badbone, P.I.

In the present day, or at least what science-fiction writers fifty years
ago would have imagined the present day to be like, is an island floating
in space somewhat near Earth. On this island live long-faced, bug-eyed,
tentacled aliens called Ekrats. In addition to being filled with these
locals, th [...]

* DataRelate

DataRelate is a data storage, data rate, network address and base
conversion utility. (VJ)

* Easy Web Translator

(a.k.a. ezWebTranslator)
With ezWebTranslator full phrases can be translated between many
The application consists of four user interface elements:
- The Toolbar: The Toolbar contains provides a short access to the common
- The Edit Window: Inside the Edit Window you can type [...]

* EmailList Master

EmailListMaster is a full featured professional mailinglist manager
software. It has the following features:

.. Remove duplicates from email lists

.. Split huge email lists into smaller ones

.. Merge smaller email lists into one big list

.. Filter email addresses containing specific words

* Eureka ActiveX DLL

Allows any programmer to incorporate Eureka in anything that can utilize
ActiveX dll's. Performs text strings and entire files. While the SDK has
far more features, this is the only free encryption related ActiveX you
will ever need. (LT)

* Eureka Email

Secure email messages over the internet. A fully functional email package
that sends encrypted email messages and/or attachments encrypted with the
Eureka logic. Features include non-receipt of defined email addresses,
Address Book, Code Book, Signatures, Confirmations and more. Encryption
of bot [...]

* Eureka Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Eureka system with security and other features for Windows
'95, '98, 2000, ME, XP and NT workstations. Includes network
compatibility, Merge encryptions, Multiple encryptions, Scrambling and
File Insertion & Extraction techniques. (LT)

* Eureka FTP

Secure FTP transfers over the internet. A fully functional FTP package
that sends encrypted files with the Eureka logic. Features include
editing files directly on the server and more. Requires either NT or
another FTP server installed. (LT)

* Eureka Hard Disk Encryptor

Secure Hard Disk Encryption. This will allow the user to select specific
folders and encrypt the entire contents of however many folders you want
to register with the application. (LT)

* Eureka Messenger

Secure and private messaging and unlimited file transfers over the
internet. (LT)

* Eureka Public Key

Allows using public keys that can be exchanged and then used to encrypt or
decrypt any kind of file. (LT)

* Eureka SDK for Windows

Allows programming the powerful Eureka Encryption technology into any
development package that executes Windows programs (Windows '95, '98,
2000, ME, XP and NT compatibile). Twenty-one unique calls are available.
There are no runtime licenses. (LT)

* Eureka Windows Interface

Great for Networks and/or personal use. Assign up to fourteen Windows
applications that will keep the files encrypted 24/7! They are only
decrypted when you open them and reencrypted and replaced when you close
them. It also records all files used by the Interface and even 'locks'
them so multipl [...]

* Finder

Finder is more than what the name implies, it not only finds, it also
replaces. This powerful utility lets you search and replace text on your
computer in any file, in groups of files, and even wildcard searches. You
can apply changes to large groups of files at one go, or use optional
confirmation [...]

* Football Browser

Football Browser is an American football themed web browser that delivers
easy access to NFL and NCAA football news. Read gridiron coverage provided
by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports
with ease by utilizing tabs and quick links. NFL team websites, NCAA
Division [...]

* FreeStuff Browser

FreeStuff Browser is a free stuff themed web browser that delivers tons of
freebie websites. By using the FreeStuff Browser, you'll be able to find
free stuff, freeware, free themes, free samples, free dvds, free junk,
freebies, free games, free greeting cards, free beauty samples, free CDs,
free s [...]

* Freeware Browser

Freeware Browser is a freeware themed web browser that delivers easy
navigation to freeware and software related websites. Freeware Browser is
equipped with an integrated search engine utilizing the popular software
search engines and allows you to quickly switch among your search results
using tab [...]

* GoldKar

GoldKar, a Professional Midi/Karaoke Player (created from Karaoke II of the
brazilian Fausto C. Arruda), featuring support of Soft Karaoke and
Lyrics-Based Karaoke, plus a lot of functions such as lists management,
mixing, instruments change, conversions and much more.
Always in 2003, I've moreover [...]

* Halloween Heist

Help Pumpkin Pete collect all the Jack-O-Lanters on each level while
avoiding spikes, slimes, and spiders.

Game Features :
20 Levels of Play
3 Monsters
High score tracking
System Requirements :
Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000/XP
Min Pentium 166 / 32 MB RAM
8MB Video card with support [...]

* Happyland Adventures

Happyland Adventures is a fun platform game combined with original puzzle
elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect
various fruits for bonus. Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world
of evilness.
The download includes a level editor making it easy for you to expa [...]

* Health Browser

Health Browser is a health themed web browser that delivers easy navigation
to health related websites, world health news and information, health
topics, and more. Health Browser is integrated with top notch health
websites (FDA.gov, Health Scout, Health Finder, World Health Organization,
CNN Healt [...]

* Hellcarrier

Pilot your top class helicopter in a set of varying missions. Take out
hostile forces, rescue POWs and make sure you upgrade your helicopter to
stand a chance in the final fight against the terrorists. The game
includes both desert and arctic missions. Select the co-pilot which most
suits your needs [...]

* Hitware Popup Killer Lite

Hitware popup killer Lite is a FREE professional utility that help
eliminate pop-up and pop-up under ads.
Hitware Popup Killer Lite prevents popup windows from leaving cookies on
your system and slowing down your surfing experience by eliminating popup
windows even before they reach your browser wi [...]

* Kaboodle

Kaboodle is a freeware Internet app which provides:

Complete visualization of your LAN, updated in near-real time.

A "personal VPN" capability to connect Kaboodle-enabled LANs together.
Secure wrappers for other Internet applications (file transfer, VNC,

and Kaboodle is optimized for [...]

* KillaFing

KillaFing 3 is a rewrite for the users of Internet Explorer and offers a
completely new version of the killing engine with full wildcards, domain,
and logging support. KF 3 now kills popups (and possibly adverts/banners
in a future release) at a much lower level, so they don't even get a
chance to l [...]

* Klabutong

Oh no! Santa parked his sleigh too far from the factory outlet! All the
presents will crash to the ground if nothing is done. It's up to you to
make sure all the presents end up where they belong by bouncing them with
your candy canes into Santa's sleigh.
There's both an Arcade mode and a Time Att [...]

* Liero-AI

Liero-AI/MP is a highly improved clone of Liero, a now-classical wormgame.
The basic idea is simple: worms kill each other, and themselves. NOW they
can do so in more bizarre ways!!!
- runs both on Linux/i386 and Windows,
- full resolution vector maps,
- MULTITUDE of great weapons [...

* Line Speed Meter

The Line Speed Meter is a stand-alone, Windows, desktop application that
discretely sits in your system tray and periodically measures the speed of
your Internet connection. This architecture ensures that it is highly
accurate. The results are posted to our web server so that you may see how
your sp [...]

* Mail Spittoon

Mail Spittoon is a very simple tool to help you get rid of junk email. It
is free for non-corporate users.


* medi@mirror

Walking the fine line between Windows operating systems, medi@mirrorTM
is a configurable media player that is small in size but large on
features. It
can be used to play MPEG and AVI video clips of any frame rate or
in sequence.

Include it in your distribution discs to make sure y [...]

* Memory Game

Memory Game is a very addictive game where you have to match two boxes of
the same color. It is simple to learn but very fun to play. (VJ)

* Messenger Spam Block

In order for you to be able to easily stop messenger spam pop-ups from
appearing on your computer, you can use this small free utility&nbsp;

&nbsp; How Messenger Spam Works
This form of pop-up spam uses Messenger service, a feature of Microsoft
Windows. Messenger service was a feature of the [...]

* MiniReminder

A small, fast, and simple application for Microsoft Windows
9x/Me/NT/2000/XP to remind yourself of important yearly events like
birthdays, anniversaries, renewals, etc. (VJ)

* MJ PeggerTM

Convert your downloaded media files, those created with your web cam,
digital camera or other peripherals to Motion JPEG and/or CD quality
PCM sound with MJ PeggerTM.

This program encodes your media files into portable video editing files
compatible with most media software applications incl [...]

* NetFileSend

for Windows [Freeware]
Sends Files and Chat messages over your intranet.
Today is usual that on your working place you have a computer connected to
the network.
What is not usual is that your network has a easy to use chat client.
Of course ICQ, Yahoo Messenger or other chat clients are very pop [...]

* Nutzworld Browser

Nutzworld Browser is a custom web browser tailored for the cool users who
go nutz at Nutzworld.com. The Nutzworld Web Browser provides the only
free live voice chat on the web only through Nutzworld members browser.
You can converse with anyone in the world just like talking on the phone
while you [...]

* Online - Audit My PC.com

Your free online security audit, firewall test and research center. Your
security test and port scan starts here.
Audit your firewall with a free online Firewall Test, Port Scan and
Privacy Test that provides immediate results designed to promote security
awareness and help secure your firewall. Po [...]

* Online Dating Web Browser

Want to meet people? Get the Online Dating WebBrowser! Online Dating
WebBrowser is a dating themed web browser that delivers easy access to
dating sites and dating agencies. With the Online Dating WebBrowser,
users will be able to surf dating sites while having easy access to find
romantic gifts, [...]

* Operation Spacehog

Operation Spacehog is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up game for one or
two players. If you ever played any old consol shooters you'll know what
it's all about. Control a small spacecraft in a battle against horrible
odds. Luckily you can collect power-ups along the way and upgrade your
ship to sui [...]

* Page ABC

Page abc let's you create your own individual Web page with a few simple
key taps and mouse clicks - all in a user friendly environment that
requires virtually no training. You needn't have any clue about Web page
compiling computer languages or technology.
Features of Functions:
- A user-friendly [...]

* PayPal Shopping Cart

No monthly fees. Hosting from your own server. Includes full user support
for the program and help with the setup. No ASP and PHP is needed. A free
shopping cart is available for PayPal
Free to join payment system that lets any one take payment with credit
cards through their website. Our softwar [...]

* Pegusis Freeware

Pegusis Freeware is a custom web browser tailored for the users of
PegusisFreeware.com. Just like the website says, Pegusis Freeware is more
than just Freeware, its about providing good useful information. (LT)

* Pic Detective XP

Find each and every picture ANYONE has downloaded to your computer with the
touch of one button ! Great for finding out whats been downloaded as well
as SLIDESHOWS, FULLSCREEN preview and much more ! Very useful program

* PictView

PictView is a very small picture viewer, which supports bitmaps, GIFs and
JPEGs, metafiles, icons and cursors. It has many features, including:
Full Screen viewing
The ability to print pictures
The ability to display a file with a single click (literally), from its
file box.
The [...]

* Pop'em

Pop'em is a small and addictive puzzle game featuring many different game
modes and graphical themes. Your goal is to remove as many balls as
possible by connecting locating groups of the same color. The more balls
you locate and remove in one go, the greater your score will be.
The game includes [...]

* POP3/SMTP EmailPlugin for Total Commander

This plugin (Donationware/Freeware) was written for Christian Ghisler's
shareware program Total Commander (formerly known as Windows Commander)
and enables Total Commander users to use POP3 and SMTP mail services which
implies downloading and uploading (sending) of mails as text files (in eml
filefo [...]

* PowerHTML

PowerHTML 2.0 is a web site development tool built by Jonathan Brownell,
one of the Abscissa Tech developers. It breaks the mold set by today's
WYSIWYG tools and instead provides an HTML-oriented interface that is
designed to give you maximum control over your web pages. A brief
encapsulation of the [...]

* Psycho Shuffle

A fun puzzle game. (LT)

* Raider Browser

Raider Browser is an Oakland Raiders themed web browser that delivers easy
access to Raiders news provided by the experts. Read Raider coverage
provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, SportsLine, etc,. The Raider Browser
automatically finds related Oakland Raider links, Raider fan sites,
subjects, and topic [...]

* Reaction Timer For Windows

Reaction Timer For Windows can be used for many things such as competitions
and educational use (JL)

* Reference Browser

Reference Browser gives you free references to about anything you possibly
would want from the internet. This great reference tool delivers easy
access to resources such as: portals, weather, T.V. listings, dictionary,
encyclopedias, maps, driving directions, news, and other information
links. Ref [...]

* ShutDown

ShutDown , the application designed to save your time and provide you with
more comfort performing every day routine tasks. This is a small
application, but it can do a lot.

Want to save your time and access windows functions faster? Tired of
clicking a lot of times to turn your computer off? Tu [...]

* Slim Browser

Slim Browser is a tabbed multiple-site browser. It incorporates a large
collection of powerful features like built-in popup killer, skinned window
frame, form filler, site group, quick-search, auto login, hidden sites,
built-in commands and scripting, online translation, script error
suppression, bl [...]

* Software Collector

Lost software? You have no Idea anymore what software and what version you
downloaded from the Internet and burned on a CD, or you even don't know
anymore if you ever burned that software in your software
collection?"Software Collector" is a small and simple piece of software
that may help you out o [...]

* SoloMesh

SoloMesh is a simple utility for plucking individual meshes from DirectX X
files which contain multiple meshes. When you open an X file with it,
SoloMesh will display each mesh, one at a time, and let you save each one
to an individual X file.
SoloMesh can also fix many X files which have been co [...]

* Some News

Some News is a customized news-themed browser that brings together the big
news media outlets. Read some news delivered from Fox, CBS, CNN, ABC,
NBC, the Nando Times, News.com, and Yahoo with ease by utilizing tabs.
Read everything from business news, tech news, world news, sports news,
and even y [...]

* Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet

Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet
why waste money and over 180MB of disk space to get feature-bloated Excel?
With the Sphygmic Software spreadsheet you get all the functions you need
in less than 4MB! And all this for free!

Build formulae using the 125 built-in functions, including text handling,
s [...]

* SportsBrowser

SportsBrowser is a customized sports-themed web browser that delivers easy
access to the best sporting news websites (ESPN, Fox Sports, The Sporting
News, Yahoo! Sports, Sportsline, etc), professional league websites
(NFL.com, NBA.com, MLB.com, NHL.com, etc) and professional team websites.
When you [...]

* SpriteLib GPL

SpriteLib GPL is a collection of hundreds of free high quality, animated
images that are ready to be plugged into your game creations. Supporting
several different game themes, you'll find SpriteLib GPL an indispensible
resource. Read the SpriteLib GPL FAQ to learn more.
NOTE: GPL stands for Gener [...]

* StreamingPeek

StreamingPeek allows you to monitor the desktop of a computer on your local
area network or even on the Internet, all from the convenience of your

Screenshot (JF)

* Strip Tease

Strip Tease will automatically strip a script for you. All irrelevant , ,
and tags will be removed, the script will be "prettyed-up", and the
content-id (CID) numbers will be converted into file paths and file name
information. The script will be saved to a folder of your choice. If you
also save t [...]

* Superdownloads Browser

A themed web browser developed and branded for the largest Brazilian
software downloads website SuperDownloads. We are proud and honored to
create a resource completely tailored for the Brazilian and Portuguese
community. (LT)

* SurfPics

SurfPics is an image search themed web browser/search tool that delivers
easy access to image search engines and image galleries. With SurfPics
V1.0, users will be able to easily search for images, graphic files, and
pictures. SurfPics automatically finds related links, subjects, images,
and topics [...]

* Swapware

Swapware is a link exchange manager which integrates with the look of your
site using templates. It allows visitors to add their links immediately to
your links directory, or you can manually approve all submissions. It can
email Webmasters about the status of their link if it is
approved/declined. [...]

* Sync Ops

Sync Ops is a network file/folder synchronisation tool. Besides
synchronisation there is the option to move/copy from source destination
folders and do a full zip backup.
Some of its main features are:
- Unlimited Folders
- Various event triggers
- Intelligent queing
- Discreet (Tray icon) e [...]

* Tech Browser

Tech Browser is an extraordinary tool for IT students and computer
technicians. It features a configurable integrated search engine that
utilizes 10 of the most popular search engines. Equipped with UCmore
search enhancer you automatically find related IT resources, links, topics
and subjects associ [...]

* The Arts Browser

The Arts Browser is a customized web browser dedicated to arts enthusiasts.
Whether you are looking for photography, art, drawing, music, stage,
film, dance, poetry, literature, or crafts, this is your free and easy
gateway to it all. The Arts Browser delivers easy access to honorable
arts relate [...]

* The Codecs

The Codecs is the most completed, powerful and reliable compilation package
of various audio and video codecs.
It contains the best and newest codecs that are needed for playing most
movies (Divx, VCD, SVCD etc.).

There are two versions of The Codecs.
Full package.
Lite package.
Both of th [...]

* UK Lottery Generator

As random as the most random thing ever this is a very simple random number
generator for the main UK national lottery game.
- Very random
- Did I mention how random it is?
- Click a button

* UltimateMP3Search

Operating System support: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000
UltimateMP3Search can search up to 12 top MP3 search engines at once.
Simply enter a name of song, CD or artist. The Http and Ftp results are
shown in one list. Features include support for external download programs
(downloadmanager, FTP- clients). [...]

* Who Is Connected?

Observing and controlling of network connections.

Monitoring of network connections and open resources.
Disconnect any selected connection and closing any open resource.
Monitoring Your network connections.
Processes controlling.
Show open IP ports (Windows XP/2003).
Disable the n [...]

* WinFbbSlide

WinFbbSlide is a windows application which fully manages a slide show
(picture gallery) on a remote WEB site. It does not need any installation
in the remote site. All is done from the application including remote
software and updates.

WinFbbSlide works under Windows 2000(c) and Windows XP (c) ( [...]

* WrestlingBrowser

WrestlingBrowser delivers quick access to the major pro wrestling sites
(WWE.com & NWATNA.com), wrestling news and media websites (PWtorch.com,
1wrestling.com, Wrestling Observer, Impact Wrestling, Lords of Pain, etc)
general wrestling info, wrestling fan websites, and wrestling trivia.
WrestlingBro [...]

* Zamber Encoder

Allows using a Password or Password Phrase application to protect your
files. The Eureka version of password protection. (LT)


John Corliss



* WrestlingBrowser

WrestlingBrowser delivers quick access to the major pro wrestling sites
(WWE.com & NWATNA.com), wrestling news and media websites (PWtorch.com,
1wrestling.com, Wrestling Observer, Impact Wrestling, Lords of Pain, etc)
general wrestling info, wrestling fan websites, and wrestling trivia.
WrestlingBro [...]

<http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/links.php?id=15036> [...]
Regards the FWT Team

Not necessarily FWT related, but these freeware "specialty" browsers.
Is their any security associated with these or do they go through the
system browser (e.g. FireBird)?
I haven't d/led one yet but was curious about the security issue.

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