Fuser for DECLaser 5100?



I have an old DECLaser 5100 that has been used (lightly, 100 - 200
pages per year) for 11 years. The last time I tried to use it, I got
"50 ERROR" after it was warming up.

Checking the internet, it seems to be a bad fuser. I can't find the
manual and wonder where should I buy a new one, and if it's a
replaceable for non-professional? Or is it worth replacing? I do like
5100 although it's bulky compared to the printers today.

Thanks for the help,





This is the same print engine as the HP LaserJet 4. Find an old one of
these and remove the fuser or you can get a fuser assembly at
www.partsnow.com. PM me and I can e-mail you the service manual

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