Full text search on a drop down combo box that mimics AutoExpand capabilities



Greetings! By using the AutoExpand property on a combo box on an Access
form, I can already quite simply select a record that matches the first
few characters typed into the combo box. For example, typing in "ap"
will match "apple", "aptitude", "appalachian", etc.

Now I would like to have the exact same AutoExpand-like features except
that instead of matching only the first few characters I have typed in,
I would like to do a wildcard full-text match, such that typing in
"apt" will match "captain", "aptitude", and "rapt".

I do not have many records so performance is not an issue.
From reading previous posts I gather I will need VB code to mimic the
AutoExpand feature, and find the right place to issue a wildcard query.
If this is correct, can someone please provide this code? Or is there
an easier way to accomplish what I'm looking to do? Perhaps a third
party combo box control that supports full text search?



Jeff Boyce

Consider a different approach.

Use a textbox, instead of a combo box. Add a command button to <Search>.
Create a query that uses the contents of the textbox as part of a criterion
that looks like:

Like * & [Enter a few characters] & *

Use this query as the row source for a subform or a listbox. Set the row
source of that subform or listbox when you click the <Search> button.

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