FTP connection issues,connection pauses syn_received


Rob Aldred

iv been having problems with my pc not connecting to ftp server properly all
the image,
sometimes it works fine for a while,
but suddenly it will stall....

i have downloaded piece of software called active ports to monitor port
activity when im using ftp.
so i tried it.... connected to my and ftp server.
browseed though a little then the connection stalled

i saw the following for the connection in active ports....
outgoing port: 2004 remote port: 21 status: syn_received type: tcp

why should it stall on syn_received?
i have now noticed this happens everytime i have problems with the ftp.
it basically cuts the connection... so either a transfer wont start or the
directory wont list...

What can i do to fix this? i have tried so much.
i have disabled all firewalls and it still happens. :(



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