FSX Fatal Error - Restarting



Hi, Bought FSX Gold (FSX + Acceleration), when click on missions get 'fatal
error restating'
New PC - Quad core, Radeon HD4870x2 video, Vista 64, 8gig ram. Fresh Vista
install with/withou Vista64 Sp1 = same result.
Uninstalled FSX acceleration and installed FSX SP1 then SP2 with same result.
Goggled this and appears common problem, has anyone any ideas, very flakey


Yeah I'm having the same problem since I upgraded from a dualcore 6600 to a
quadcore system with 8GB.
I never had a problem with my old 6600 system then again I didn't have 8GB
on it either or an ATI card. Well at least free flight works fine without
crashing but that's about it. Very strange bug it sounds like it's either
quadcore, large memory related or ATI related since that's the only things
I've changed from my old system:(


Yeah it's pretty hard to find since you need to start up the game and exit
fullscreen mode by hitting alt key to get to menu and go to about section to
find it.
Anyways, I finally got the missions working again after removing the latest
..net 3.5 sp1 framework which was most likely installed by VS2008.
So if anyone here is still having the same problem I was try removing that
if it's installed.

New Fieend

I assume you installed the service packs. Could be a corrupt file, or a game

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