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Where can I find a layman's explanation of the content of
the User reports. For instance: What constitutes
a "Failed request; a "Redirected request" etc.



Mark Fitzpatrick

You can find roughly what these mean by looking at the industry definitions
for the HTTP status codes. These define an entire range of values that are
captured in the log files that web server generates and that FP consumes. A
failed request is typically an http 404 error, where the file is
non-existant, or an error when someone tries to run something they shouldn't
such as attempting to hack the cmd.exe file to gain access to the server but
the server has blocked them. A redirect is usually a 302 response from the
server, meaning that the page or site has been moved and here is the new url
(a Response.Redirct from an ASP page will also generate this).

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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