Frontpage 2000 problem - any ideas


Mr Rock

I have started to get the following error message.... "the server sent a
response which frontpage could not parse" I have uninstalled FP extensions
and reinstalled to no avail.
My navigation bar on the home page has also now disappeared, any ideas as I
am stuck....

ps the site is


How big is the website? The error message sometimes indicates that the
website is too big for the server to handle.
While there is no limit to the number of files., or total size of website,
that *FrontPage* can manage, some systems do have limits, especially web
servers that impose time limitations on processing web requests. This will
include the "Recalculate Hyperlinks" command (seen as "Processing Web
Updates") on the server that automatically follows every publish. You may
have chosen a particularly busy time to Publish.
It may help to break the web into subwebs, where each subweb can be
published individually, and thus considerably reduce the processing load on
the server.

Note that since a subweb is an independent web, you will have to create and
apply navigation, themes, include files, shared borders, or DWTs for each

The vanishing navigation may be because you removed and reinstalled the
extensions. The navigation data is stored in a _vti folder that may have
been deleted during the removal/reinstall process. Publishing the site
should restore this...
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression)

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Mr Rock

Thanks for the help, I managed to get online access tot he site and deleted
some files and renamed others, it also gave me an option of replacing the
file structure which I did and I manged to publish the site last night....
fingers crossed.... many thanks

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